Robert Walker - Certified Fitness Trainer


L. D. (Bernalillo, NM) - One thing I like about training with Rob is, he listens to my goals and always helps me reach them.  Plus he pushes me past my mental limits to reach mild stones I didn't believe I could reach.

W. A. (Jemez, NM) - Since I've been working with Rob, I have lost a total of 31 lbs.  When I see him on Tuesday I know I'm going to get a good workout.  He pushes me to do better in my workouts n to eat right.  Robert you are the bomb, n I love my workouts

J. S. (N.C.) I've been a client of Rob's for a number of years.  I started using Rob Fitness remotely from North Carolina through email. He set me up with a grocery list, a diet plan and a workout routine. He not only set me up with the basics, he actually educated me to think for myself. When I moved to Albuquerque, I changed our arrangement to a 2X's a week workout session. His rates are very affordable and much cheaper than a personal trainer issued by a gym. I have dealt with those new trainers who just repeat information out of a book, but have not lived it. With Rob's help and dedication, I far exceeded my goals and went from 283.5 with over 30% body fat down to 207 with 10% body fat. After moving back to North Carolina, I am using Rob Fitness through email, text, and phone correspondence to rehab a shoulder injury and to once again get into the best shape of my life. I love Rob Fitness!

S. T. (Albuquerque, NM) - Rob Fitness has helped me in my quest for FITNESS, HEALTHY LIVING & WEIGHT LOSS. He is competent, professional and dedicated in helping you attain your goals,  I have lost weight and feel better  than I have in years with more flexibility and stamina.  YOU GO ROB FITNESS.  Thank you Rob....................Sheila

A. H. (Peoria, IL) - I like the fact I can contact Rob with training and nutrition questions.  He can explain things to me so I can understand them.  He has even sent me pics of videos explaining the exercise and the proper way to do them.  Rob Fitness is no joke and the best around.